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Thursday MP3s: Boogie Monsters

This week, readers, the musical offering is an overlooked and underrated rap album: “Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album” (1994) by Boogie Monsters. (Click on the link to download a ZIP file.)

I think you’ll enjoy the biblical imagery of “Mark of the Beast,” the laid-back beats and basslines, and the overall slightly “psychedelic” feel of this album. Boogie Monsters showed a lot of promise; this was a really strong debut album. Unfortunately, their 1997 follow-up “God Sound” was just abysmal, and that sophomore effort turned out to be their final release. Boogie Monsters now, sadly, languish in almost total obscurity.

Picture of Boogie Monsters album cover

Track listing:

  1. Jugganauts
  2. Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress
  3. Boogie
  4. Muzic Appreciation (Sweet Music)
  5. Mark of the Beast
  6. Altered States of Consciousness
  7. Honeydips in Gotham
  8. Strange
  9. Old Man Jacob’s Well
  10. Bronx Bombas
  11. Salt Water Taffy (Slo Jam)
  12. Riders of the Storm
  13. Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress (Stressless Mix)


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