5 Sep 2007

Allah means God

Posted by dumpendebat

Yes, it’s that simple, readers. A five-year-old could understand it:

The Arabic word allah means “God.” Just as the French word dieu means “God” and the Spanish word dios means “God.”

We’ve been over this before. Even wingnutty scaremonger Daniel Pipes has no problem admitting it.

Alas, there will always be Know-Nothings like Crazy Pammy, who got so frightened on the 11th of September 2001 that they’re more than willing to pretend otherwise. Have a look at this comment left by one of her stalwart readers:

[Allah] is purportedly the Arabic word for ‘god’. In reality, Allah was the Moon God in the pre-Islamic pantheon of 360 Arabic tribal gods in the Kabah in Mecca: the prima partes [sic], if you will. Smacks of polytheism, doesn’t it.

The writer’s botched Latin tag (he meant to say primum inter pares (“first among equals”)) doesn’t help his credibility much. He’s all over the intertrons shouting about “pagan moon gods,” butchering several languages at once.

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7 Responses to “Allah means God”

  1. Literally speaking it means “the god.” As in the shahada: “There is no god but the god…” The alif lam in the beginning is not without purpose.



  2. For clarification:

    The Arabic word for small-G “god” (a deity) is ilah.

    The Arabic word for big-G “God” (God) is allah.

    la ilaha ila llah — “There is no god but God.”



  3. Hey Filius, welcome back. I’ve missed my (almost) daily education I get from Dum Pendebat Filius.



  4. Well, to be fair, even Crazy Pammy and Jack Chick (yes, Jack Chick, of all people) have right, that ‘the God’ in question was nominated from an earlier pagan triad. But there again, I believe that the god ‘El’ was nominated from a similar triad to become the God of Abraham. So I’m not sure what her point is.



  5. >even Crazy Pammy and Jack Chick (yes, Jack Chick, of all people)

    Are you referring to Allah Had No Son? It came out in 1994… Jack Chick was way ahead of the curve on that one.



  6. My favorite of all time is of course ‘Dark Dungeons’, the one where the girl battles a Troll by herself, without a GM or any other players. It’s very obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bwahahaha vilken okunnighet



  7. Chick tracts rock.



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