10 Sep 2007

Evil Clintons: Wormhole Hackers and Serial Burglars

Posted by dumpendebat

It’s even worse than you thought, readers: Not only did the Evil Clintons recently break into poor Kathleen Willey’s house to steal an incendiary, potentially-campaign-damaging manuscript, they did the same thing to impeachment chief counsel David Schippers a few years ago, too! But they did more than just break in — they also hacked his wife’s PC! Through a wormhole!!

During the writing of Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment in the spring of 2000, an intruder came into his suburban Chicago home at least four times while his wife was alone upstairs, Schippers told WND in a phone interview from his Chicago law office.

On the third or fourth occasion, a box of impeachment-related documents was stolen, he said.

The intrusions followed a series of claims by his wife, Jackie – who typed the manuscript from his handwritten text – that her computer was being hacked.

“My suspicion was that the Clintons, or some of their toadies, were trying to find out what we were writing before we submitted the manuscript,” Schippers said. “Nobody else would have any interest.”

How did they do it? Here’s how:

Computer technicians who came to the home said the machine was being accessed through a wormhole, she said.

Picture of wormhole
The Clintons hack computer systems through wormholes like this one

And it sure sounds like the Clintons have got something to hide:

Longtime Clinton lawyer David Kendall and Sen. Clinton’s presidential campaign have not responded to WND’s requests for a response to Willey’s new claim.

Anne Reynolds, crime analyst for the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Department, told WND she could only confirm, due to department restrictions, that there was a break-in and entry reported Saturday in the vicinity of Willey’s address and that an officer responded and turned the case over to the criminal investigations department.

Picture of Hamburglar shouting FUCK THE POLICE
Bill Clinton evading the clutches of the Powhatan County Sheriff’s Department

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