24 Sep 2007

Open Thread: NY Slimes Edition

Posted by dumpendebat

Political cartoon anthropomorphizing NY Times as bloody-handed traitor
This one’s for you, Dank Hagny

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11 Responses to “Open Thread: NY Slimes Edition”

  1. While all of America has been aghast at the shocking, shocking scandal of MoveOn.org buying a full-page NYT ad — at the standby rate!!!! — that said “General Betray Us”, twenty-two more US servicemembers have been killed in Iraq.

    This “scandal” is a good example of one of the most useful tools in the wingnut armory: misdirection.



  2. LOL. “Wingnut Armory” sounds like the title of a Sabaton song.



  3. FYI – soldiers die in a war. So do civilians whom our enemy hides behind. The enemy is Al-Qaeda, stupid. They are in Iraq and they were always in Iraq.

    These same civilians would point out our enemy with vigor if they knew the USA was not going to ‘cut and run’. But they can’t know that can they? Not thanks to the likes of you, Stram, the NY Times, et al.

    The death of those soldiers and civilians are on your hands and those of the rest of you leftist-liberal treasonous cowards.

    Again, all lip and no solutions. Pull out of Iraq – then what, Dum?


    Hank Dagny

  4. >Pull out of Iraq – then what, Dum?

    Well, concentrating on actual terrorists who pose an actual threat to America would be a nice start.



  5. Don’t waste your time debating a war against the ‘actual terrorists’ to a fool who thinks bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Taliban are Shia Muslims who are being backed by Iran.

    He’s a phony, shallow-thinking intellectual fucking moron who always talks tough as long as someone else does his fighting.



  6. Dump, I thought you were semi-intellectually honest. Even Democrats in Congress know we are fighting terrorists in Iraq.

    And any kind of capitalist democracy will be disasterous for the Islamo-Fascists. That is why they cannot allow it.

    Of course liberals in this country don’t want capitalism here either.

    Stram, you comment deleting pussy. Just stay on your side of your surrender sign – it’s safe there. Did you add the white flag yet?


    Hank Dagny

  7. I’ll stay on any side I want to stay on. You just keep hiding sissy boy and let me know anytime you want to start acting like a man and quit hiding. You name the time, I’ve got the perfect place.

    Of course, we know you’re way too gutless for that. But you can’t hide forever.



  8. Stram, you know where I am.
    The only thing saving you …is you.. being all lip. Be thankful you are.

    Besides, you should act like a real Democrat. Since I am an enemy of yours, you should be trying to appease me – instead of acting all Reagan’esque.

    Appease me – and then surrender. It is what real Democrats do.

    Don’t want to fight terrorists, but want to fight me, eh? Either way, you lose. I’d re-think things if I were you.


    Hank Dagny

  9. Quit hiding like a baby, punk. You act real tough behind that keyboard while you hide in your basement like the punk you are.

    Like I said, name the time.



  10. Don’t want to fight terrorists, but want to fight me, eh? Either way, you lose. I’d re-think things if I were you.

    Careful, Stram, he knows how to use his walker in mixed martial arts.



  11. Dank Hagny At War: The Greatest Generation

    Dank Hagny, Internet Tough Guy



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