17 Oct 2007

Quote of the Day

Posted by dumpendebat

Bradrocket at Sadly, No!:

Incidentally, Republicans, I think you should take the wingnuts’ advice and start attacking more working-class people who can’t afford health insurance. I guarantee it’s going to be a win-win stance on election day.

LOL, readers.

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11 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. I think you leftist liberals should get louder in your wishes for pure socialism and keep your communists in the Democratic Party pushing that agenda out in the open.

    This will make the Democrats lose in a landslide as they did in the Mondale (“tax your asses off”) and McGovern (“I’m raising your taxes”) model.

    If this country is truly ready to vote in communism in 2008, I’ve already made peace with God in the event that happens.


    Hank Dagny

  2. Oh you poor thing! You have cluless-hank name calling (because an intelligent conversation is out of the question for these types..) here too.

    I do agree, more right wingers (especially the Christian right) should deny the middle class (who’s quickly falling into poverty) everything. Their God will be so proud and the next election would be heaven.



  3. Yes, Hank Dagny is always welcome here, as long as he doesn’t get too nasty. He behaves himself 99% of the time and really doesn’t cross the line too often.

    It does seem that the GOP party line at the moment is staunchly anti-middle-class. Hardworking American families who can’t afford health insurance are ignored with a shrug of the shoulders, unless they dare to speak up, in which case they get attacked and smeared, the way the Frost family just did.

    The ugly personal attacks, and the sheer fuck-you nastiness, that the right-wingers displayed when they got pissed off at the Frosts, was a creepy look at the true face of today’s conservative movement. Those people are politically and morally bankrupt, and deep down inside they know it. All they’ve got left is their sense of grievance and their boundless spite.



  4. Hey Dump!

    C’mon man. Nobody is “attacking” them.


    Dave Fourputt

  5. Nobody attacked the Frosts?

    Mark Steyn: “The Democrats chose to outsource their airtime to a Seventh Grader. If a political party is desperate enough to send a boy to do a man’s job, then the boy is fair game.”

    Dan Riehl: “[H]ow about calling Dad next time you need some help instead of trying to reach into the collective pocket of the American taxpayers, you irresponsible, simpering wimp.”

    Rush Limbaugh: “[Democrats] send the kid out to lie. They filled this kid’s head with lies just as they have some of these soldiers about me.”

    And so on.

    What do you call that, then?



  6. Except for that Riehl guy it looks like the Democrat Party is being exposed for what they are.


    Dave Fourputt

  7. Hank Dagny said

    This will make the Democrats lose in a landslide as they did in the Mondale (”tax your asses off”) and McGovern (”I’m raising your taxes”) model.

    Who or what shall pay for the current war, including no-bid contracts to sleazy firms?

    Strictly curious,



  8. Come on, elfasbrynja — that would require him to take his permanent Bush kneepads off.

    He’s one of those simple-minded fools who loves his $750 a year tax cut but is too stupid to realize the increase in the federal debt is costing him 10 times that amount each year. Not to mention that he’s lost 30 some thousand in equity in his home over the last two years due to his fiscally bankrupting heroes’ de-regulation of the banking industry.

    Stupid is as stupid does.



  9. Expand on this one please:

    “…including no-bid contracts to sleazy firms”



  10. The Frosts were outed as yet another Democrat prop.
    Not that it matters to the kool-aid drinking liberals (that is socialists and communinsts).
    Right out of Hillary’s mentor’s handbook – ‘the end justifies all means.’
    Lying is the natural state for liberals.


    Hank Dagny

  11. …including no-bid contracts to sleazy firms




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