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Hijab Hijinx

Remember, readers, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore a hijab in Syria? Wingnut Nation was just shocked…

Political cartoon mocking Nancy Pelosi for wearing hijab

It was a big deal when Nancy Pelosi wore a hijab, all right. But what about this (courtesy of none other than the Costco Coulter)?

Picture of Laura Bush wearing a hijab

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  1. Dave Fourputt:

    Agree 110% with you on this one, Dump.
    Hypocrites. Pure and simple.

  2. dumpendebat:

    It will happen again: a female American politician (or other ceremonial official such as the First Lady) will cover her hair while in front of cameras in a predominantly-Muslim nation. Hopefully we won’t have to hear again about how it’s an act of “betrayal” or “dhimmitude” to do so.

  3. Hanque:

    The difference between Nancy Pelosi and Laura Bush is simple: Nancy Pelosi is an elected, U.S. official and Laura Bush is not.

    I find it awful that women from the U.S. go to places like Saudi Arabia (and I include servicewomen) and are told to wear the hijab. No policy should support this. NONE. If our women aren’t free to decide what they want to wear in those places, then we should unilaterally stop dealing with those places. Period.

  4. dumpendebat:

    I’m not crazy about the idea of American women having to put on a hijab when they go to Saudi Arabia, either, but I don’t see it as being a show-stopper. It’s courteous to conform to local norms, including standards of dress, when visiting other countries.

  5. Hanque:

    That’s a cop out, and it is a show stopper. Where does it stop? Do we also tell homosexuals that they must refrain from sexual activity when they go to Saudi Arabia? Isn’t that in keeping with Saudi law? How about free speech? How about freedom of religion? What about censorship? What about assembly? What about due process? What about association? What about privacy? Any other norm “adjustments” we should require of U.S. citizens? We foresake all of these norms, indeed RIGHTS in Saudi Arabia and other countries as it is, and this is WRONG.

    If they don’t like how we dress, what we eat, what we say and how we act, then we shouldn’t be there. Full stop. We should shutter our embassies in any country that demands we mask our identities and quash our values. If they don’t want to accept us as we are then we shouldn’t be there.

    I am proud of my fellow Americans that serve, live and work in these locations, and I find it reprehensible that they are forced to cover themselves, modify their behavior and live in cloistered areas as if it’s a shameful secret we are there. If those are the requirements of a relationship, then the relationship is not functional. It’s disgusting and wrong. So much for freedom. I say the U.S. should cut ties with Saudi Arabia and any other country that treats our U.S. officials in similar fashion.

  6. Stram:

    This administration cut its Saudi ties, Hanque?

    Yeah sure — that’ll happen.

    But, to be fair — When they come to Amurica, we never kowtow to any of their silly customs.

    That wouldn’t be Amurican.

  7. Hanque:

    No administration will cut ties with the Saudis and Congress does nothing to change the relationship either. It’s pathetic. I’d rather walk 10 miles to work than buy Middle Eastern Oil, and I think if most Americans knew what strings were coming with the oil we’re getting they’d prefer to do the same.

    Our relations with the KSA does us more harm than good. That country conjurs an image ten times as bad as the picture painted of the Soviet Union, and that country was our mortal enemy for 50 years. I just can’t get around our cozy relationship with a country that shares few, if any, of our values.

    Nice pic man, cuts right to the essence of the argument.

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