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Tools and Fools

Crazy Pammy is struggling to depict the current unrest in Kenya as part of “The Global Jihad.” That’s not at all surprising; she thinks it’s part of “The Global Jihad” every time she gets cut off in traffic or the Mets lose a game. What’s noteworthy is that she’s also trying to drag Barack Obama (who she now refers to by last name and middle name: she has taken to calling him “Obama Hussein”) into it.

She’s done no work herself, of course; she links approvingly to the work of a complete looney-tune named Jack Wheeler who publishes a subscribers-only wingnut newsletter. This Wheeler tool (whose website contains such serious insights as “All forms of leftism and liberalism are based on an atavistic belief in Black Magic,” as well as reams of braggadocio and autohagiography) paints us this picture:

  1. According to the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, failed Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga cut a political deal with Kenya’s Muslim political leaders.
  2. According to Jack Wheeler, Barack Obama appeared in public with Raila Odinga during his August 2006 visit to Kenya.
  3. Ergo, Raila Odinga (an Anglican, by the way) is a supporter of The Global Jihad.
  4. Barack Obama has “close ties” with said Global Jihad supporter.
  5. Ergo, Barack Obama is a Global Jihad supporter.

Credulous Crazy Pammy, eager as ever to swallow any anti-Muslim story she can get her hands on, lays on the blockquotes hot and heavy, with occasional subliterate editorial comments such as “Obama’s questionable ties with violent supporter [sic], Raila Ondinga [sic], with allegiances to Islamic fundamentalists [sic] is a frightening mistake of enormous import.”

And here’s the crux of her analphabetic ravings:

It is understandable that Obama Hussein [sic] would have Islamic sympathies having been schooled in a Jakarta madrassa, [sic] both father and stepfather are Muslim and Sarah Hussein Obama of Kenya, Barack Obama’s stepgrandmother, is a lifelong Muslim. “I am a strong believer of the Islamic faith,” she says. But even so, even Obama can see the terrible turn societies take when they embrace sharia/Islamic law.


What a rare opportunity we have as voters to see how Obama will handle the jihadis vs the West. A telling moment. Will he renounce his allegiance to supporters of Isalm? [sic]

This, readers, is pure political pornography. Look at the layers of question-begging and logical leaps of faith one has to make in order to swallow the Jack Wheeler/Crazy Pammy version of things:

  1. First, we have to accept that the “Evangelical Alliance of Kenya” is telling the truth about Raila Odinga’s deal with the Kenyan Muslim Leaders Forum.
  2. Next, Jack Wheeler (”The Indiana Jones of the Right”) says that Barack Obama “was hosted by Raila” and “spoke in praise of him” during Obama’s August 2006 visit to Kenya. We have to take his word for it.
  3. If we’re on board with items one and two, now we have to believe that Odinga is a “supporter of Isalm” (to quote Crazy Pammy), and that that makes him either a “jihadi,” or a tool of “the jihadis.”
  4. Now we have to believe that Barack Obama is best buddies with a “supporter of Isalm” and that that makes him, too, either a “jihadi,” or a tool of “the jihadis.”

And note, too, the casual repetition of the stupid lie, long since debunked, about Obama’s troubling childhood indoctrination in Jihad, America-Hating, and Flag-Burning in that scary Indonesian “madrassa.” This is all really nasty stuff, and the fact that it’s just jaw-droppingly, mind-bogglingly stupid doesn’t matter one bit — the Crazy Pammys and Jack Wheelers of the world will continue to dream up stupid shit like this, and wingnuts will continue to go out of their way to swallow it whole, because they want to.

Political pornography, readers, red meat for tools and fools.

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  1. Denny Crane:

    You certainly are one crazy sob. According to Snopes.com, virtually everything said by McBush or Corsi or you is just plain lies.

    I guess there is one thing lower than a snake, i.e., a Republican.

  2. dumpendebat:

    You’re a fucking idiot.

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