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Mitt Romney: “Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?”

The most cringeworthy video of the year thus far: Mitt Romney saying “Who let the dogs out?” as he poses with a group of African-American paradegoers at a Martin Luther King Day parade in Jacksonville.

As he posed for a picture with a group of young people, the typically old-fashioned Romney was relaxed enough to quote from a popular hit single from a few years back.

“Who let the dogs out?” he called out, as he stood there beaming in his shirt and tie. “Who! Who!”

(via Dday at Hullabaloo)

UPDATE, 2008/01/21, 23:23 EST

It gets even better, readers:

And Mr. Romney campaigned on Monday at a Martin Luther King’s Birthday parade in Jacksonville, where he posed with a group of young African-Americans and, in an apparent reference to a 2000 hit song, jokingly said, “Who let the dogs out?” Later, shaking hands in the crowd, he said, “Oh, you’ve got some bling-bling here.”

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  1. Mike:

    This is crazy, they are already selling ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Romney shirts at PromoteYourVote

  2. dumpendebat:

    Pretty silly stuff.

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