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Verr├╝ckte Pammys Fahrt Zum Himmel

Picture of Mutter Kusters movie posterYes, readers, Crazy Pammy went a little too far when she passed on Jack “Young Indiana Jones” Wheeler’s execrable sliming of John McCain [see below].

Some voices in the right-wing blogosphere have spoken up to condemn her and/or Jack Wheeler, notably Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (who left a comment here on this blog calling Crazy Pammy a “laughingstock” among right-wingers) and The Cap’n at CQ, who really ripped Jack “Young Indy” Wheeler a new one:

Pathetic. Disgusting. Rancid. Gutless. He’ll throw the mud, but he won’t give the evidence. What a revolting piece of work Wheeler is. This kind of character assassination should have no place in politics, and the only evidence it provides is that of Wheeler’s moral derangement.


People shouldn’t vote for or against McCain on this garbage. Look at the issues and the record and make the decision on that basis. I think the issues and the record favor Mitt Romney, but others can rationally make a decision to support John McCain. And while I’ve decided to support Mitt, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stand idly by while McCain gets libeled and slandered in a despicable manner. McCain has served his country honorably for too long and under unimaginable circumstances for this to go unanswered.

Crazy Pammy has, uncharacteristically, updated her post for a reason other than the ex-post-facto concealment of evidence or the silent correction of a particularly egregious assault on grammar or orthography — she has provided her readers with a link to a refutation by fellow POW James H. Warner (published at FrontPage Mag; when David Horowitz and his website suddenly seem like the reasonable ones, that’s a good sign you’ve gone too far).

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