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Backstabbing and Handbiting

Matt Margolis of Blogs For Victory has been hitting the wingnut Kool-Aid too hard lately:

With nothing better to do, the Democrats in Congress are choosing to politicize their investigative powers.

Picture of Kool-Aid ManThis is the Democrats working hard to demonize and scandalize the Bush administration. They’ve been at it since Bush got into office. Sometimes you almost have to feel sorry for them. Since they don’t have a popular agenda to work on, the only thing they can do with their time is smear President Bush, who reached out across the aisle in first term, only [sic] have his hand bitten and his back stabbed. The very same President who has kept us safe.

Democrats have not merely made the political attack an art form, they’ve made it their way of life.

Beautiful, readers. Follow Matt’s link (about “politicizing investigative powers”) to Fox News, and you’ll see what he’s upset about: the House Judiciary Committee intends to bring contempt charges against Harriet Miers (former White House Counsel) and Josh Bolten (White House Chief of Staff) over the US Attorneys firing scandal. (Bolten and Miers have been ordered to testify before Congress, but the Bush administration has refused to let them.)

You’ve got to love it: the White House and the Department of Justice fire US Attorneys for political reasons — manipulating the US Attorney system for partisan political gain — but it’s the Democrats in Congress who are “politicizing” the matter.

In Bush Kool-Aid Land, President Bush, who “keeps us safe” from unspecified dangers, is a wise and kindly leader who once reached out to the Democrats, who cruelly “bit his hand” and “stabbed him in the back.” It’s not completely clear how it’s all supposed to have gone down, but it sounds to me like some Democrats distracted him by biting his hand while others snuck around behind him to stab him in the back.

(Our President’s current 30% approval rating (AP-Ipsos, 4-6 February 2008) is no doubt also attributable to Democratic backstabbing and handbiting.)

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  1. Stram:

    I’ve been lying in wait for some ignorant wingnut to write, ‘W only fired 8 U.S attorneys and Clinton fired all 93 of his but the ‘liberal media’ (sic) never writes about that’!

    Talk radio or Fox News never told them Bush had already completed his mass ‘firings’ —just like all administrations do — before Rove hand-picked the eight he didn’t like.

    Mr Margolis almost had me in tears there about picking on the president. Everything would have turned out so much better I’m sure if no one would have said anything.

    So fucking typical of these pathetic sheep.

  2. troll:

    W nly frd 8 .S ttrnys nd Clntn frd ll 93 f hs bt th ‘lbrl md’ (sc) nvr wrts bt tht’!

    Dmp, 30% pprvl rtng fr Bsh s trpl th rtng f th crrnt Dmcrt Cngrss.
    Y shld dd lttl prspctv n yr nlyss.

    Bsh s t 30% bcs h s dmstc sclst nd spnt lk n. Lbrls dn’t lk th Wr n rq nd cnsrvtvs dn’t lk sclsts.

    Th Mrs. Rd-Pls - Mr. Pls-Rd Cngrss s t 10% bcs thy r cmmnsts, nblrs t r nms brd, tm wstrs, pwr bsrs nd lrs t thr lft-wng kks. lmst nbdy cn fnd n rdmng qlty n ths Dmcrt Cngrss.

    W wll s wh th rl shp r.

  3. Stram:

    Told you. It’s like a moth flying to the light. Actually, more like a lamb walking toward a bell.

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