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Taking Personal Responsibility, or “Clamouring for Gansta-Rap”

Who believes in personal responsibility, readers? Wingnuts do, that’s who.

Presidential candidate Sen. John Sidney McCain III (R - AZ) thinks Americans need to take personal responsibility for their chronic illnesses:

John McCain Believes in Personal Responsibility

* We must do more to take care of ourselves to prevent chronic diseases when possible, and do more to adhere to treatment after we are diagnosed with an illness.

Suck it up, sickies. It’s your own damn fault. That’s the American way.

And Mark Noonan at Blogs for Victory takes a stand against the evil “stars and media corporations” who enslaved his loved ones:

How many of us have friends and family members who went whole hog into sex and drugs because it was “cool” - and made “cool” because various pop culture heros [sic] did it (or, at least, seemed to do it) and it never appeared to cause them any problems, and is presented to the public as a heck of a lot of fun? Counting quicky [sic] among my friends and family over the past 30 years, I come up with seven who destroyed their lives at the urging of popular culture, and one of them is actually dead. True, we all have to be held responsible for our own choices in life - and these friends and family members are paying their price… in poverty, addiction and, in one case, in a coffin. And as we all have to be held responsible for our choices, shouldn’t stars and media corporations pay their price for their choices? No one was ever clamouring [sic] for gansta-rap [sic] - the music business put it out, and slickly marketed it for maximum impact on young people. They created the market for it, and then raked in the huge profits… isn’t it high time they paid a bit back? Made good some of the damage they’ve done?

Do you follow that, readers? Mark Noonan claims that “the urging of popular culture” caused seven of his “friends and family [members]” to “destroy[] their lives” with “sex and drugs.” He then claims that “stars and media corporations” should “pay the price” for it. His “friends and family” are apparently helpless robots, who have no choice but to obey “the urging of popular culture,” but the dictates of “personal responsibility” call for some unspecified price to be paid by the evil “stars and media corporations” who “put.. out” and “slickly marketed” something he calls “gansta-rap,” ostensibly as part of their evil plan to trick good Americans into going “whole hog into sex and drugs.”

That’s what Personal Responsibility is all about, readers.

(McCain link via Sadly, No!)

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  1. Stram:

    Hey Dum Pendebat, is the Liberal Avenger gone for good?

  2. dumpendebat:

    Looks like the monthly bill went unpaid… I don’t know if it was an oversight, or if the site’s gone for good.

  3. Hank Dagny:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Liberal Avenger was a pure communist site. Pure and simple.

  4. dumpendebat:

    Why be nasty, H.D.? It only makes you look bad. Stick to Red-baiting and quoting Rush Limbaugh at length on your own blog.

  5. Stram:

    I think Hank is off his meds again.

    ‘LA’ was like my first blog.


  6. elfasbrynja:

    It really might just be a temporary outage.

  7. Stram:

    All right Filius, it has been 20 days since you posted something. What’s going on?

  8. dumpendebat:

    This blog is on a de facto hiatus. I’ll be back before too long.

  9. troll:

    Strm, t hs bn “nvr” snc y pstd nythng bt th prsdntl cmpgn mss. Nthng lk sttng n th fnc (r hdng bhnd t?).

    N Jrmh Wrght pnn?
    N Wllm yrs pnn?
    N Hllry styng n th rc pnn?
    N lbrls thrtnng rts n Dnvr pnn?

    Yh, stck wth y Bsh Drngmnt Syndrm psts. Tht’s sf rd mt fr th lbrl sfl dts.

  10. dumpendebat:

    Looks like 63% of Americans are suffering from “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” H.D. I guess they’re all “useful idiots.” (Maybe the shocking sermons of Rev. Wright have caused them all to start hating America?)

  11. troll:

    Yh, ’d lv yrs, Hllry, thrts f rts n Dnvr nd jst glz crss Wrght t f wr y t Dmp.

    Kp n mnd 30% f ths md t Bsh r cnsrvtvs md bcs h ws dmstc sclst nd sfl lbrl dt. Nt t mntn fghtng jst wr t hlf strngth.

    Bsh Drngmnt Syndrm s nt dgnsd by smply bng pst wth plcy mvs. t s fnd whn lbrl fnds wy t blm Bsh fr bsltly VRYTHNG. Rd Strm - clssc sffrr.

  12. dumpendebat:

    H.D., if you find any of that crap (”Ayres, Hillary, threats of riots in Denver, … Wright”) worth a minute of your time, then you’ve got even less of a life than I have. Waste your precious time on that bullshit if you want to. And save your sarcastic little attitude for your own blog, too.

  13. Stram:

    Well, enjoy your hiatus, Filius.

    And Dank, the chickenshit chickenhawk, petty plagiarizing, cut and paste patholgical lying little lamb from Liar’s Quorum should concern yourself with the nonsense you cut and paste (’post’) since the mere mention of your name brings laughter throughout the internets.

    I write about what’s pertinent; The Iraq Occupation, the damage done by Bushnomics, and the moron, Lil’ Bush who is trying to screww the country for another four years.

    Reverend Wright and William Ayres are only pertinent to simple-minded dumb fucks like you that can’t stand the thought of a Black man or woman, being President.

    You’re irrelevant sheep boy.

  14. troll:

    Th stng n rbk s th trth.
    s tw lbrls stng.

    Tht “crp” s cmng frm lbrl’s mths - nt mn, Dmp. ’m jst skng why y r gnrng ths drppng f th vl by lbrls? t’s smpl qstn.

    Bttr tll yr brthrn nrchst cmms t pt th msk bck n.

    “15 Sts” s th nly dly blg ( ‘wrng’ bt wll dn blg by th wy) wtht wrd bt th Dmcrt rc, th cllps f th ‘mgc ngr’ r th lbrls trshng th Hldbst. gn, jst skng th qstn - why?

  15. dumpendebat:

    >this dropping of the veil by liberals

    What in the world are you talking about? The least you could do is try to make some sense.

    But you know what? I really don’t care. I don’t care what anybody thinks about Obama’s former pastor, or whether Obama is on friendly terms with some sorry-ass aging hippie who used to be a member of the goddamn Weather Underground, or anything else you’ve mentioned, and I really don’t care what you think about it.

    I am not interested in any of the narratives about “character issues,” about Obama, Clinton, or McCain. It’s a waste of time, and I’m not interested.

    So do me a favor and spare me. Whatever you feel is worth writing about, go write about it on your own blog. If I gave a damn about any of it, which I don’t, I’d write about it here.

    This blog is currently inactive. It’ll be back next month.

  16. Stram:

    See you in June, Filius.

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