Dum Pendebat Filius

A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?

Stuck on Stupid

K-Lo is just stuck on stupid, readers:

If Obama could go to Germany and give a speech in English and be not only understood but well-received, why does he say we all need to learn another language?

My guess is that K-Lo would rather not have learned any language at all, but her parents wouldn’t stop talking to her when she was a baby.

(via Sadly, No!)

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  1. Stram:

    I know you being a linguist Filius this type of thing must drive you batty.

    But to be honest, I spent 26 months in Italy and I didn’t get much further than ‘ciao Bella’.

    And oh yeah, I wanted to ask you something. I’m sure you have heard wingnuts ridicule Obama for saying that we needed more Arabic linguists in Afghanistan since ‘they’ don’t speak Arabic - the Afghans speak ‘Pashto?’ — but since the real reason we are there is because of al-Qaeda who are probably 95% from Arabic speaking countries and you would think we should be listening in on any communications from the people who we should actually be pursuing, don’t you think we need more Arabic speaking linguists in Afghanistan?

  2. dumpendebat:

    The main languages spoken in Afghanistan are Dari, which is a dialect of Persian; and Pashto, a language which is a sort of cousin of Persian (a relationship sort of like that between English and Danish, say, or Swedish and Dutch). It’s likely that locally-recruited bad guys in Afghanistan would be speaking one of these two languages.

    Of course, there are plenty of languages spoken by radical Islamic bad guys in Central Asia. And yes, of course, Arabic speakers would be useful in the pursuit of al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan.

    We need speakers of lots of languages in our efforts to fight terrorists, especially Arabic, Pashto, Dari, and Urdu (the national language of Pakistan).

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