Dum Pendebat Filius

A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?

Mirabile dictu

“A Historic Victory,” read the blog-post title that popped up in my RSS reader last night. David Horowitz was weighing in on Obama’s victory. I couldn’t wait to see what he had to say, readers. I was expecting an unhinged screed, but, mirabile dictu, David Horowitz sounded halfway reasonable for once:

I think it’s important for all my fellow conservatives to take a moment in the next few days to reflect on these facts and not rush into the partisan struggles which are bound to crowd our political space in the years to come. Let us reflect on the fact that sharp as our divisions are, we are a nation that settles our differences at the ballot box and not in civil strife. Let us do the American thing and give this man the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to prove his mettle by assuming his role as the leader of our nation — one and indivisble; let us see if he will live up to his promises to heal the country’s wounds and unify its contending factions.We face a terrible economic test at home, and barbaric enemies abroad. There will be time enough to hold him to account if he does not honor his promises, and to celebrate with him if he does. In the meantime, let us celebrate this historic moment in America’s progress, and do everything we can to show the generosity of spirit that has made America a land that we love.

You could have knocked me down with that proverbial feather, readers.

The reasonable words of David Horowitz, were, of course, an anomaly among Internet right-wingers. True to form, Michelle Malkin put up a brave front last night, promising her readers that she’ll keep on cranking out angry wingnut blog posts until Comrade Obama Hussein X sends his Liberal-Nazi Stormtrooper Collective over to her house to unplug her cable modem and send her to Gitmo:

Here’s my promise to you: As long as I can still publish a blog and speak my mind openly about the next denizen of the White House, I will.

And Crazy Pammy was either too tired or too angry to write much of anything, so she just reprinted a couple of jeremiads from her wingnut buddies. Among the delirious ravings we find claims that the election was stolen, that “this son of a bitch” Obama will not be a “legitimate president,” that Obama “is a committed marxist leninist who intends to impose a marxist dictatorhip [sic] upon this country, which advancig [sic] the interests of islam,” etc, etc. Pretty much exactly what we’ve come to expect from Crazy Pammy and her friends.

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  1. Stram:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Filius

  2. dumpendebat:

    And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

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