10 Oct 2013

What really happened with Miriam Carey?

Posted by dumpendebat

Right-wing radio screamer Michael Savage is a looney-tune, readers, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make a good point from time to time. (That also doesn’t mean he isn’t worth listening to; I literally can’t sit through twenty minutes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or any of the other right-wing radio hosts, but “The Savage Nation” is very entertaining, and I enjoy listening to it, even though I disagree with Savage almost constantly.)

Savage has been asking questions about Miriam Carey, the woman who was gunned down by the police (DC police department? Capitol Police? Secret Service?) after a car chase through downtown DC last Thursday, 3 October. Now, of course, he’s of the opinion that Carey was killed by the police because President Obama is a tyrant — that’s silly, and it’s not useful. But he still makes a lot of good points: Where’s the outrage? Why was this unarmed woman, who seems to have been suffering from mental illness, who had a one-year-old baby in the car, gunned down in a hail of bullets? It’s been a week since this happened, and there hasn’t been a whole lot of press coverage of this case, and no one other than Miriam Carey’s family seems to be very upset about it.

Why did Miriam Carey have to die? She was unarmed, and she had a baby in the car, for crying out loud, but they gunned her down like she was John Dillinger or something. We’ve been told about her “post-partum depression,” as though that had anything to do with anything, and her issues with mental illness, although her sisters insist she was not delusional.

Was it just a gross over-reaction by police, who were afraid she was a terrorist? If so, that’s not exactly reassuring, readers… that makes me not like the idea of driving in Washington DC. Michael Savage’s theory sounds pretty logical to me: she made a wrong turn somewhere near the White House, hit a barrier, and then freaked out and panicked when the cops started swarming around her car, pointing guns at her. She was terrified and confused, and tried to get away from the police, ended up near the Capitol after a brief high-speed chase, and was then gunned down like Dillinger, because she was a “threat to national security.” She apparently hit a Secret Service agent with her car while she was trying to get away from the White House, and she apparently hit a Capitol Police car with her vehicle down near the Capitol. I guess that was enough to justify killing her?

Readers, I don’t think this happened because President Obama is a Nazi socialist tyrant, pace Savage — that’s ridiculous. I’ll tell you what, though: I do think this happened because we’re turning into an authoritarian police/security state.

Remember, readers: a police state isn’t necessarily a third-world dictatorship where the police strut around the streets in jackboots, arresting people for no reason, hitting people with their nightsticks just for fun, lords of all they survey, like your probable mental image of a “police state”… a police state is a state where the authorities can do what they want with impunity.

We’re told that “police are investigating the use of force” in the case, as per SOP. My guess is that the “investigation” will conclude that the use of force was justified, because they were afraid Miriam Carey was a Terrorist, and the only way to handle a Terrorist is to shoot to kill, Q.E.D. This is how our law-enforcement officers behave in our authoritarian security state.

And you’ll notice that nobody’s outraged about this. Yeah, it’s a shame how that unarmed, possibly mentally-ill lady had to die, but my God, what if she’d been a Terrorist? Get used to the New Normal in our security state, readers. In America, we shoot first and ask questions later, in order to protect the Freedom that makes us so great.

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