14 Nov 2013

“The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig,” Pushkin Press, 2013

Posted by dumpendebat

For those of you who are wondering whether you want the new Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig, just published by Pushkin Press: well, of course you do. Twenty-two stories by Stefan Zweig, translated by Anthea Bell, in a nice hardcover edition — the decision to buy it is a classic no-brainer.

All the same, I’ve been mildly annoyed that I couldn’t find a table of contents anywhere. So, here’s a list of the stories that are in the book, along with their original German titles and first date of publication:

  1. Forgotten Dreams [Vergessene Träume], 1900
  2. In the Snow [Im Schnee], 1901
  3. The Miracles of Life [Die Wunder des Lebens], 1903
  4. The Star Above the Forest [Der Stern über dem Walde], 1904
  5. A Summer Novella [Sommernovellette], 1906
  6. The Governess [Die Governante], 1907
  7. Twilight [Geschichte eines Unterganges], 1910
  8. A Story Told in Twilight [Geschichte in der Dämmerung], 1911
  9. Wondrak [unfinished], unpublished until 1990
  10. Compulsion [Der Zwang], 1920
  11. Moonbeam Alley [Die Mondscheingasse], 1922
  12. Amok [Der Amokläufer], 1922
  13. Fantastic Night [Phantastiche Nacht], 1922
  14. Letter from an Unknown Woman [Brief einer Unbekannten], 1922
  15. The Invisible Collection [Die unsichtbare Sammlung], 1925
  16. Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman [Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau], 1927
  17. Downfall of the Heart [Untergang eines Herzens], 1927
  18. Incident on Lake Geneva [Episode vom Genfer See], 1927
  19. Mendel the Bibliophile [Buchmendel], 1929
  20. Leporella, 1935
  21. Did He Do It? [War er es?], unpublished until 1987
  22. The Debt Paid Late [Die spät bezahlte Schuld], unpublished until 1951

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