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9 Aug 2007

Thursday-Night Schadenfreude: Crazy Pammy In Tears Edition

Posted by dumpendebat. 6 Comments

27 Jul 2007

The Internship from Hell

Posted by dumpendebat. No Comments

26 Jun 2007

The creepiest face ever?

Posted by dumpendebat. No Comments

19 Jun 2007


Posted by dumpendebat. No Comments

4 Jun 2007

I hope I’ve tickal your mind a little

Posted by dumpendebat. 4 Comments

31 May 2007

Corporate communications are da bomb

Posted by dumpendebat. 1 Comment

8 May 2007

Cemetry Gates

Posted by dumpendebat. 4 Comments

29 Apr 2007

The Stalin Car

Posted by dumpendebat. 10 Comments

28 Apr 2007

Make me think (plus: Make me puke)

Posted by dumpendebat. 8 Comments

23 Mar 2007

No use crying…

Posted by dumpendebat. 1 Comment

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